March 2021 Update

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Apologies for the lack of any recent updates.  Things have been very hectic here at Bearwardcote Hall for such a long time now.  So much of our time is taken up with a vigorous testing regime which, while necessary to keep infection at bay from residents and staff, has tended to take up time that would ordinarily be spent in other ways, such as updating this blog, for instance.

I am delighted to be able to — belatedly — tell you that all our residents received their first dose of Covid-19 vaccination back in January.  The home was visited by a team of healthcare professionals one Sunday and were given the Pfizer jab.  The second dose can’t be far off now, and it is obviously a great relief to have this protective measure in place almost one year on from the start of the pandemic.

As you are probably aware, visiting restrictions to care homes are to be lifted from 8 March, albeit initially on a one-visitor per resident basis and with mandatory lateral flow testing and wearing of PPE.  I have written to the families of our residents about this and we look forward to welcoming back visitors to the home.  The visiting restrictions residents and their loved ones have had to endure for nearly a year now have sadly been necessary to protect everyone from Covid-19, though of course it has been hard on residents and their families alike being unable to meet freely as they could before.  Our visiting pod has been a godsend in this respect, allowing visits between residents and their friends and family members whilst ensuring proctection from infection.

Let us hope that the weather will improve with the coming of spring and I can take some pictires of the grounds and upload them here for your pleasure.  In the meantime, here is one from spring last year.  Stay safe, and we look forward to welcoming all our visitors back to Bearwardcote very soon.  Daniel Thompson 

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