My Aunt, Edna Rope, spent some seven years in your care until here death aged 90 in September and my family and I wish to express our fullest appreciation to yourself and your staff for the consistently high standard of comfort and care which she enjoyed at Bearwardcote.
Our visits and contacts with you over this time have always impressed us with the homely atmosphere and personally friendly attitude of all whom we met, which gave us confidence that Edna was happy and comfortable to the best extent of her capabilities throughout.
Please pass on our thanks to your staff on Edna’s behalf for all that they did for her.

Many thanks for your card. We greatly appreciated your kind words about Dora and we will miss our regular visits to her at Bearwardcote. You and all the staff made us so welcome – it was a real pleasure to make a visit.
We think back now to 1996 when it became very apparent that Dora could no longer cope with living on her own. It was very difficult to make a decision on where she might go. We originally thought of bringing her down to Reading to be near us but Social Services strongly advised us against this. Instead they recommended that we come see you ate Bearwardcote. From our first visit when we met you we knew we had found the best place for her. From all points of view – location, facilities, staff and care – we have been so grateful and impressed.
For the past eight years you have been like a second family to her. Although she could not communicate her thoughts verbally, we only had to spend an hour or two with her to know that she was as settled and content as possible. The real anxieties that she experienced when living alone were greatly diminished and she was able to relax quite happily with us.
Please pass on our grateful thanks to all of the staff who worked with Dora for all they did for her and their great kindness to us.

I’m writing to thank you for the lovely party you held for my Dad on his 100th birthday. I’m sure he enjoyed all the fuss. My family were very delighted with all the trouble you went to. Thank you again.

I am really missing our visits to see Phyllis. Even though I found them difficult it was so comforting to me to see the staff with such reserves of patience, and the house is always so clean and fresh.
I do admire your standards and wish you and the staff well in the future.
I am writing to thank you for all the magnificent care you gave to my mother over eight and a half years and especially during her last illness.

Sometimes when I spent the whole day with you I felt as if I was almost a resident myself and this gave me the opportunity to see how, though personality and training, each member of the team played an important and different role in providing for the individual needs of each person. I particularly admired your devoted care of the very ill and patient, good-humoured tolerance of the difficult.
We were particularly appreciative of the way in which you all enabled Mummy to stay out of hospital over the last few weeks. We shall always remember, above all, the unique atmosphere of Bearwardcote which makes it a happy and positive place.
We are very grateful – thanks again.

To all the staff that helped me in my need. I find it hard to put into words what is in my heart so I will just say thank you and I must say you all work as a good team.