The ‘Needs Attention’ Book

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IMG_0552We are just in the process of replying to the concerns of our service users, concerns raised in the questionnaires they kindly filled out recently.  Questionnaires went to residents and staff alike and Daniel is in the process of typing out a full response to all of the concerns and suggestions that arose.  We will then mail the reply to families and make the document available to anyone who wants to read it.  In the meantime … one of the suggestions we received concerned the possibility of a blackboard somewhere in the home where people could chalk up things that need attention in the home.  Having thought about it we have concluded that, while the idea of somewhere to put these ideas is excellent, an actual blackboard or whiteboard would stand out a bit and not really fit in with Bearwardcote Hall’s homely look and feel.  So, we have got a little book instead, placed it at the front door, and invite everyone to write down anything in there they want to, though particularly any repairs etc. they might have spotted and want to bring to our attention.  The ‘Needs Attention’ book is right next to the suggestion box, though the book is, I suppose, the best place for maintenance-type issues.  Please feel free to make use of it.

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